Here’s to friendships that bring you overwhelming happiness and confidence and inspiration.

The Side Door Society

This thursday eve, via directions from some wax sealed invite, we were ushered into the side door at the Kings Head Members Club in Shoreditch. There we found ourselves in a very packed multi-level, taxidermist’s wet-dream. Giant polar bears, swans, tigers, butterflies, swans, panthers, peacocks - you name it. We were there for a secret Mispers gig hosted by Mahogany Sessions. 
They, as per, did not disappoint. A rowdy B.G eve (and a rather shocking hangover friday morn) with the crew followed to celebrate!


Gang Of Youths

The past few weeks saw the Gang Of Youths crew pop by the UK, with London as their base as they toured around the UK… I cannot even begin to explain how much of a treat it was having these boys around. In particular I was ecstatic to see one of my dearest friends Dave, who I haven’t seen in two years, and finally spend some time with his beautiful wifey Megs. 

I love these people very much. It was a sad goodbye, but I’m hoping our paths will pass sooner that when they are next due to London late this year. 

It doesn’t seem possible, but every week brings me more overwhelming joy and love for my life in this city. Due mostly in part to the people featured below (plus Londy is really turning on the charm this spring).. 



Au revoir Amelia

A very sad goodbye and bon voyage back to Aus to my darling friend and flatmate Amelia. I miss coming home to her kooky, beautiful self and our long chats over tea already. Along with Naomi, Mar, Max and Bre (in that order of meeting) she was one of my first friends in London. Thank heavens it’s not goodbye for a long time, just see you back in Sydney in a few months. 

(I hate visas. Why does the UK immigration department have to be such ass-wipes for?) 

Brighton Baby

This weekend, knowing I’ve been itching for a weekend out of bustling London, Emma invited me back for Mother’s Day to her family’s sweet home on the border of Kent and Sussex. On saturday, we went for a little day-trip to Brighton! I was thrilled, as I’ve been meaning to get to Brighton for aaages. The appearance of the sun ensured that every man and his dog had the same idea, and the beach and pier was packed with like-minded folk enjoying the sunshine (and battling the wind). 

No balloons were harmed during this foray into Martin Creed’s Balloon Room. 

What’s the point of it?


Tuesday’s with Bre @ Martin Creed’s ‘What’s The Point Of It? exhibition, Hayward Gallery, Southbank Centre. 

Thank you for the sun and endless vibes, London. Me love you.


Sun-drenched days, breathtaking sunsets, blooming cherry-blossoms, spontaneous nights of dancing, ‘crack-head hour’ sunrises, deathly hangovers, park naps, ice-creams, throwing sticks with a puppy, Joni-cuddles, new kicks, Sofar Sounds, Ny Oh living room gigs, wine-time with Bre and Ems, shooting with Mar, more food for the soul, London-fields BBQ’s, Ace-hotel photo-booths and new blond hair. It’s been a good two weeks. 

Shooting with Mar

Because what else are sunny wednesday’s for than basking in the sunshine with a good coffee, playing subject for talented photographer friends? 

@ Platform Bar and Terrace, Netil House, London Fields 

Sometimes when you get a call at 9pm requesting you get out of your pyjamas and join friends on Broadway Market for a pint… you just have to say yes.

Life is so rich when full of these beautiful, simple moments, memories.. This was one tuesday night I’m glad I didn’t stay at home. 



My London Loves

Miss me, but let me go

This week I have also said goodbye to my other beautiful Grandma, Rosemary Ridley. I have so many fond, hilarious memories of this woman.. The smell of cigarette smoke brings back the image of her basking in the sun on the back porch, watching us in the swimming pool; a scotch in one hand and a ciggie in the other. I have the exact same hands as my Grandmother. I used to sit next to her and admire her long, elegant fingers and our identical nailbeds; imagining I was looking forward into the future at my own wrinkly hands. 

Losing both of them in the space of 5 days has been more painful than I ever imagined, but it really is comforting to distract myself from the sadness by focusing on the long lives they lived, the strong families they leave behind and that they are no longer in any discomfort anymore. 

For now, I feel nostalgic for summers in Yowie Bay; playing in the backyard of the house my father grew up in, walking to the corner store, eating vegemite sandwiches, watching Annie and listening to her tell off Frank. She was very sick and tired. The lively spark in her eyes was gone and she relied on oxygen and morphine to keep her body alive, so I think everyone is relieved that she is no longer in pain. You are already missed Grandma, I am so happy you had such a great life and are at peace now.

I’m very happy to be home. Yesterday was the perfect sunny sunday spent at Columbia Road Flower Market, buying beautiful blooms to celebrate the lives of my two beautiful Grans. The past week was a low one, but I start this one feeling refreshed and focussing on the good things in my life, for there are plenty. I have family who support me and friends who love me, I live in an exciting city that challenges me and offers me a wealth of opportunities and most of all, the sun is shining and I am healthy.

Bon Viveur, Part 2

Paris, I adore ye. 

bon viveur, part 1