Beholden to Mar


Mar doesn’t really need public thanks, as I’ve already showered her with enough hugs and little white roses to add to her dried flower collection to last a regular ol’ person a month or two. The past two weeks she let me invade/share her beautiful space, and I had such a relaxing, creative and inspiring time there I wanted to share some photos to remind me of my lovely little stay here, without exploiting her private space too much… I think some of her energy and spirit rubbed off on me? Why do I think this? Well, in the past two weeks I auditioned for and got into drama school, and got invited to my first West End audition (maybe more on this later). I was definitely in the right head space. 

(Have I ever mentioned how Mar and I met? It was rather random. It was her first week in London since moving here from Madrid. It was Halloween. We were both at a casting; neither of us got the job (but we got our friendship, so we win) … As I was walking away afterwards, she came up and said hello. I had time to kill before catching a train to Bristol and was getting a coffee, and asked if she wanted to join me. Coffee turned into lunch and 5 months later she is one of my closest friends, despite being 8 or so years wiser.)

It is for this exact reason why I love living in one of the worlds biggest cities. Some days it’s been tough, like when I have no money or food and my career aspirations seem futile, but the friendship of all these amazing people who hail from all over the world makes it all worth while. 

I’ve moved AGAIN. I’m now five minutes down the road…  and I have an awesome cherry blossom mural on my bedroom door.




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