What a beautiful day I’ve had!
It started with a lovely morning in the sunshine with my Mumma. Now that all the stress over house hunting is laid to rest, and she’s no longer afflicted by jet lag flu, we can finally enjoy each others company and my adoptive home city without biting each others heads off.

Then I went to a play with the two other actors in my show! It was a musical about five Filipino drag queens living in Israel. (Paper Dolls @ The Tricycle Theatre)

Yes, thats right… Beyond amazing!

Now we’ve got a few hours to kill before our show tonight, so I’ve bought my book down to Somerset house to accompany my red wine stew and chai tea dinner. The sun is out, a light breeze is blowing, the cafe is filled with delicious aromas and the sound of people enjoying an after work tipple…

I rarely post on my blog whilst I’m actually doing something, but I’m having a reflective ‘life is really nice’ moment and thought I’d share, just so I don’t forget how lovely this day was down the track.

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